Find Out What’s Clogging Your Sewer Line

Find Out What’s Clogging Your Sewer Line

Get sewer or water line repair work done in Cape Coral, Florida

Current Flow Plumbing, Inc. takes on sewer and water line repair projects in Cape Coral, Florida and surrounding areas. We offer 24/7 emergency water and sewer line repair services.

If more than one of your drains is clogged or you notice foul-smelling water in your yard, you might have a sewer line problem. Hire us to find the source of your sewer issue and repair or replace the faulty line ASAP. We use camera snake technology to find tough clogs so we can target them for removal. If your water or sewer line is badly damaged or corroded, we’ll replace it with a new line.

Call 239-603-3209 today to schedule sewer or water line replacement services. You can trust us to repair or replace your water and sewer lines in a timely manner to minimize the water damage to your property.

What’s causing the clog in your sewer line?

Current Flow Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency water and sewer line repair services in the Cape Coral, FL area. Your sewer or water line issues could be caused by:

  • Tree roots infiltrating the lines
  • Broken, collapsed or cracked pipes
  • Debris or oil blockages
  • Corroded or bellied pipes
  • Leaking sewer joints
Arrange for water or sewer line replacement services by calling 239-603-3209 today. We’ll arrive at your property as fast as we can to repair or replace your faulty sewer or water line.

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